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Journal of Engineering
and Public Policy

(Volume 20, September 2016)


Mena-George Basaly, AIChE, City College of New York

Power Up: Advancing the Automotive Industry through Energy Storage



Andrew Stephen Cloyd, ASHRAE, University of Alabama

Finding the Tipping Point for High Performance Buildings in the United States


Michael Crenshaw, IEEE, Liberty University

License Plates for Drones: Resolving Privacy Concerns Using Remote Identification Technology



Nicholas M. DiAngelo Jr., ASTM, University of Akron

An Aging Infrastructure: Policy Recommendations to Modernize Aging Water Distribution Networks to Protect Human Health



Logan DiTullio, IEEE, Clemson University
Safety and Privacy Polic
y Regarding Umanned Aircraft Vehicles (UAVs)



Brenna Doherty, ASME, University of Wyoming

Planetary Defence: The Tracking, Deflecting, & Destroying of Near Earth Objects



Tomas Wesley Green, AIChE, University of Kansas

Embracing Our Bioeconomic Future: Engendering Political and Economic Sustainability for the Energy and Chemical Sector of the Bioeconomy



Preston Kemp, SAE, Oklahoma Christian University

The Future of Our Skies: Policy Recommdnations for UAS Flight in Urban Areas



Jen Madary, IEEE, Pennsylvania State University

Addressing Cyber Security Vulnverabilities and Threats to Implantable Medical Devices



Emily Sheffield, ASME, Harding University
Improving the Image of Manufacturing: Promoting Manufacturing in Career and Technical Education



Logan Sit, ANS, North Carolina State University

Developing a Licensing and Regulatory Framework for Light Water and Non Light Water Small Modular Nuclear Reactors



Austin Wright-Pettibone, AIChE, University of Washington

Driving the Future: Governance Challenges for Biotechnology in the Age of Gene Drive





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