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Journal of Engineering
and Public Policy

(Volume 19, September 2015)


Brian Andersen, ANS, Idaho State University

Revitalizing a Broken System Steps to Restart the Spent Nuclear Fuel Disposal Program



Paige Balcom, ASME, University of New Hampshire

Irrigation and Aquaponics—Technologies to Improve the Quality of Life in Developing Nations: A U.S. Policy Perspective



Derek Burling, ASTM, University of Wisconsin – Madison

Avoiding A Crisis: Ensuring Energy Security in the Caribbean and Central America



Devin Cornell, IEEE, Missouri University of S&T

A System for Change: USAID Critical Process Improvements



Cara Michelle DeCoste, IEEE, University of NC – Charlotte

Black Skies Near: Space Weather and Electric Power



Garrett Dowd, ASME, University of Akron

Saving Lives and Money by Encouraging Automated Vehicle Safety Technologies A United States Policy Perspective



Nikhil Garg, IEEE, University of Texas - Austin

Fair Use and Innovation in Unlicensed Wireless Spectrum: LTE unlicensed and Wi-Fi in the 5 GHz unlicensed band


Suzanna Hinkle, ANS, University of Pittsburgh

Radioactive Waste Disposal: A Policy Change on the Horizon Waste disposal done the French way



David MacPherson, ASME, Georgia Institute of Technology
Removing Inhibitors for the Development of Ocean Energy


Noah Rauschkolb, ASHRAE, Columbia University

Policy Strategies for Promoting Energy Efficiency Investment
in the U.S. Multifamily Housing Market



Jill Schoborg, AICHE, Iowa State University

To Label or Not to Label: Addressing America’s Genetically Modified Organism Policy



Jami Summey-Rice, AICHE, University of Houston

GET ON BOARD: High-Speed Rail Policy to Incentivize Growth and Technologies


Vernard Wilson, SAE, Wayne State University

Eliminate Drunk-Driving: A solution to eliminate Alcohol-Impaired Driving


Kathleen Wu, AICHE, Yale University

Bridging the Finance Gap for Carbon Capture and Storage




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