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Journal of Engineering
and Public Policy

(Volume 16, September 2012)

Table of Contents

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Zachary Alexakos, Juniata College, SAE

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles


Caitlin Andersen, University of Iowa, AIChE

Precision Agriculture Technologies: Improved Nitrogen Efficiency and Atmospheric Pollution


Ross Beppler, Clemson University, IEEE

Taking Advantage of America’s Wind Resources: Implementing a Predictable Incentive Through a Long Term Energy Policy


Elsa Culler, Olin College, ASME

Keeping Soil on the Farm: Policy Options for Controlling Soil Erosion on U.S. Farms


Abhishek Dharan, Arizona State Univ, IEEE

Telemedicine: A Broadband Application Improving Healthcare Access and Efficiency


Kate Gasparro, Clemson University, ASTM

Preserving the Nation’s Roadways: Managing Techniques, Materials, & Funding to Provide Efficient Surface Transport


Brady Gilchrist, Oregon State University, ASME

Advanced EV Battery Technology Incentives for Applications Beyond Their Useful Life in Vehicles and End-of-Life Disposal to Ensure Materials Security


James Lamarche, Wentworth Institute of Technology, ASHRAE Rooftop Solar and the Smart Grid: How Distributive Generation Could Offer More Benefits Than Clean Energy Alone


Denise Liu, University of Toledo, AIChE

Improve the U.S. Medical Device Regulatory Pathways: Regulatory and Legislative Policy Levers


Matthew MacDougall, Oregon State Univ, ANS

Management of Spent Nuclear Fuel: A Comparative Analysis


Kevin McDonald, Columbia University, IEEE

Network Neutrality: Public Policy Approaches for Mandating Reasonable Network Management Non-Discrimination to Preserve the Open Internet


Ann Motl, Univ of St. Thomas, ASME

Policy Tools for Stimulating Innovation and Access to Technologies for Developing Countries


Emma Motl, Univ of St. Thomas, ASME

A Ballooning Crisis: Technical and Policy Recommendations on the Helium Shortage


Zachary Schriver, Purdue University, ANS

Life After 60: Long-Term Nuclear Power Plant Operations Past 60 Years




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