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Journal of Engineering
and Public Policy

(Volume 15, September 2011)

Table of Contents

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Fukushima and the Future of U.S. Nuclear Energy

Lauren Boldon, ANS, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


At Wheel Stop: A Review of U.S. Human Space Exploration Policy
Marc Canellas
, SAE, University Of Missouri-Columbia

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Long-Term Interim Storage for Used Nuclear Fuel: Dry Cask Storage in Centralized Storage Facilities
Eric Davied, ANS, Texas A&M University


The Direct Market Option: Improving the Quality, Quickness, and Quantity of Access to Alzheimer’s Disease Treatments

Whitney Davis, IEEE, University of Arkansas

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Confidence in the United States Patent System

David Freese, IEEE, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

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Moving Past the “Wall” of the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS): Exploring the Limitations of Corn-Based Ethanol As A Renewable Fuel

Martha Hay, AIChE, Virginia Polytechnic University


Improving Building Energy Efficiency: Adoption, Enforcement, and Compliance with Energy Standards and Codes

Minjoo Lee, ASHRAE, Bucknell University


Development from the Bottom of the Pyramid:
An Analysis of the Development Innovation Ventures Program

Julian Leland, ASME, Swarthmore College

[Paper] [Presentation]

Grid-Scale Energy Storage: Addressing the Regulatory and Policy Barriers
Anita Luong, AIChE, Johns Hopkins University

[Paper] [Presentation]

Life Cycle Considerations of Solar Energy Technologies

Maxwell Micali, ASME, Yale University

[Paper] [Presentation]

Creating a Federal Mandate for State Renewable Electricity Standards (RES)
Mikkel VandeBergh, AIChE, Oregon State University


Beyond Band-Aids: The Contribution of Codes and Standards to the Long Term Viability of Foreign Assistance

Ashley Vincent, ASTM, University of Idaho



Jolene Wang, IEEE, Yale University

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