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Journal of Engineering
and Public Policy

(Volume 12, August 2008)

Table of Contents



Developing Sustainable Transportation Infrastructure: Exploring the Development and Implementation of a Green Highway Rating System, James Bryce (University of Missouri)

Biofuels in the United States Transportation Sector: Public Policy and Its Effects on the Industry, Nicholas Horelik (Tufts University)

Policy Role in Implementing Intelligent Vehicle Technologies  that Improve Safety, Congestion, and Efficiency, Eric Sauck (University of Michigan)

Energy and the Environment

Radiation:  How to Address the Confusion, Jill Anderson (University of Illinois)

Help Wanted: The Power Engineering Pipeline and its Role in the American Nuclear Industry, Brooke Buikema (Calvin College)

Regional Emission-free Technology Implementation (RETI): Diversifying the U.S. Electricity Portfolio, Marc Santos (University of Massachusetts at Amherst)

Metrics in Congress: Useful Metrics for Evaluating Biofuel Legislation, Michaelangelo Tabone, (University of Pittsburgh)

Ensuring Reliable Electricity Supplies Using Distributed Generation, Gregory Tress (Carnegie Mellon University)

Innovation, Intellectual Property and Economics

Evaluating Requirements for Standards in Legislation, Pamela Androff (University of Central Florida)

Better Prior Art Utilization to Improve Patent Quality, Jonathan Becker (Syracuse University)

The Impact of Pharmacogenomics on the Pharmaceutical Industry, Viktoriya Buchko (Georgia Institute of Technology)

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