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Journal of Engineering
and Public Policy

(Volume 11, August 2007)

Table of Contents


Domestic Use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems:  Evaluation of Policy Constraints and the Role of Industry Consensus Standards, Saurabh Anand (Washington University in St. Louis)

Challenges in Commercializing Carbon Nanotube Composites, Emily Pfautsch (University of Missouri, Columbia).



Thawing Digital Media:  Legal Uncertainties and the Chilling Effect on Innovation, David Pietrocola (Trinity College)



Reforming the Patent Industry from the Small Business Perspective, Andrew Quecan (University of South Florida)

Making Sure Every Vote Counts in the Digital Era:  The Need for Standards Mandating Voter-Verified Paper Ballots, Sarah Rovito (Case Western Reserve University).


Management of Used Nuclear Fuel and High Level Waste:  Is GNEP The Answer?, Jason Andrus (Idaho State University).

Climate Change Technology Transfer Opportunities in the Developing World, Christopher Deal (Iowa State University).

The Diesel Engine: An Existing Technology to Address U.S. Passenger and Light Duty Vehicle CO2 Emissions, Lauren McIntire (Northern Arizona University)

Skilled Labor and the Nuclear Renaissance: Building a Brighter Future, Erica Sherman (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute).



Clean Energy Sources and Mass Electrical Storage, Travis Walker (South Dakota School of Mines and Technology).

Energy Efficiency for Commercial Buildings:  A Commitment by a Commercial Building Initiative, Anatoliy Zeltser (Kansas State University).

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