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Journal of Engineering
and Public Policy

(Volume 7, 2003)

Table of Contents


The Engineering Workforce

The Future of the Nuclear Workforce:  The
Government's Role
Laura Beth Bienhoff, Kansas State University (American Nuclear Society)

Raising Engineers:  The Government’s Role in Increasing K-12 Student Interest in, and Preparation for, University Programs of Engineering,
Hilary Pence Steinway, Southern Methodist University (National Science Foundation/American Association of Engineering Societies)

Technology & Homeland Security

Solving the Cyber Security Problem:  The Role of
the Department of Homeland Security
Jennifer Christensen, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology (The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)

Protecting Domestic Infrastructure for a More Secure America:  The Role of the Professional Engineer and Engineering Professional Societies in the Development and Implementation of Critical Infrastructure Protection Policies and Projects,
Julie Quackenbush, Kansas State University (National Society of Professional Engineers)

Technology & Transportation

An Analysis of the Federal Government's Role in the Research and Development of Clean Diesels in the United States,
Gino Banco, Rowan University (Society of Automotive Engineers)

The Hydrogen Hurdle:  The Status of and Pathways To a Safe, Feasible and Sustainable Fuel Infrastructure for the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Via Public Policy and Codes and Standards,
Sean Murray, University of New Mexico (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)

Improving Highway Safety With Intelligent
Transportation Systems
Jessica Hutton, University of Missouri-Columbia (American Society of Civil Engineers)

Technology & Energy Policy

Mercury Control:  Assessing the Technological Feasibility of Reductions for Coal-Fired Utility Boilers,
Melanie Chin, North Carolina State University (National Science Foundation/American Institute of Chemical Engineers)

The Regulation and Logistics of Spent Fuel Transportation,
Jennifer Cole, University of Tennessee-Knoxville (American Nuclear Society)

Technology & Commercialization

An Analysis of Federal Efforts in Ensuring a Successful Future for Rural and Agricultural Communities Through New Uses for Soybeans,
John Hillert, Colorado School of Mines (American Institute of Chemical Engineers)

Making the Six Million Dollar Man:  The Federal Government's Role in the Commercialization of Neural Prostheses,
Tricia Um, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)

U.S. Radio Spectrum Policy:  A Political and
Technological Perspective
Kathleen Young, University of South Carolina (The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)

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