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Journal of Engineering
and Public Policy

(Volume 6, 2002)

Table of Contents


Addressing Proliferation Concerns for a New Generation: 
A Study of the Generation-IV Nuclear Energy Systems Initiative and its Relation to Nat'l Non-proliferation Goals
Wayne Blaylock (American Institute of Chemical Engineers - American Nuclear Society/Tennessee Tech University).

A Gigabit Ethernet Broadband Access Strategy
Jason Frederick (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers/Trinity University)

An Analysis of the Use of Iris Recognition Systems
in U.S. Travel Document Applications
Michael Geruso (American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Virginia Tech)

Youth Participation in Federal Sustainability Decisions:  Establishing a Youth Council on Sustainability,
Corinna Kester (American Institute of Chemical Engineers, University of Texas at Austin)

H2Omeland Security and Beyond: Protecting the Critical Infrastructure of Water
Jennifer King (American Society of Civil Engineers, North Carolina State University)

Digital Rights Management:  An Overview of the Public Policy Solutions to Protecting Creative Works in a Digital Age,
Trampas Kurth (The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers/Kansas State Univ.)

Aviation Transportation Security
Andrew Lilly (Society of Automotive Engineers/University of Arkansas at Fayetteville)

The Yucca Mountain Repository and
the Future of Reprocessing
Simon Lobdell (American Nuclear Society/Penn. State Univ.)

Security at Nuclear Power Plants in the
Post-September 11th Environment
Jennifer Miller (American Nuclear Society/Ohio State Univ.)

How Engineers Can Influence Public Officials,
Tolani Owusu (National Society of Professional Engineers/Univ. of North Carolina - Charlotte.)

Personal Air Transportation: An Analysis of the Transportation Research Board's Review of the Small Aircraft Transportation System and Other Recommendations
Matthew Tran (Society of Automotive Engineers/Wichita State University)

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act:
Observations and Critical Questions
Max Vilimpoc (The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers/Ohio State Univ.)

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