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Journal of Engineering
and Public Policy

(Volume 5, 2001)

Table of Contents


Federal Strategies Encouraging Rural Broadband Access:  Intelligent Options to Minimize the Digital Divide,
Matthew A. Bright (IEEE/Univ. of Michigan-Ann Arbor)

Funding America's Drinking Water Infrastructure:
From Public to Private
Christina N. Brow (NSPE, Syracuse Univ.)

Electric Reliability in Deregulated Markets: 
A Look at the ERO
Richard L. Cordaro (IEEE/Iowa State Univ.)

Controlling the Release of Solid Material from NRC Licensed Facilities:  Should There Be a "Clearance Rule",
Jeffrey B. Hixon (ANS/Ohio State Univ.)

Preparing Public Confidence:  Setting the Stage
for Generation IV Reactors
Alexis D. Lazarine(ANS/Texas A&M)

Federal Involvement in Fuel Cell Research and Development for Vehicular Applications,
Joseph D. Pacey (SAE/Kansas State Univ.)

Nanotechnology Workforce Pipeline Challenges:
A Current Assessment and the Future Outlook

Brian H. Pandya (ASME/Penn State Univ.)

Global Climate Change:  U.S. Pathways for Research, Observation and Modeling,
Ashley J. Pingree (NSF/Univ. of Utah)

MTBE: Examining the Oxygenate Requirement and Remediation Costs -- A Study in Science and Technology Policy Implementation,
Erik C. Porse (SAE/Univ. of Hartford)

NASA Space Launch Initiative:  A Program Overview,
John J. Rohrbacher (SAE/Ohio State Univ.)

Opening the Airwaves:  Accomodating Third Generation Wireless Technologies,
Brent R. Rowe (IEEE/North Carolina State)

A Policy Centered Analysis of the Proposal to Create a United States Underground Science Laboratory,
Daniel J. Stanton (NSF/South Dakota School of Mines & Technology)

The Future Regulation and Rehabilitation of Non-Federally Owned Dams in the United States,
Matthew K. Swenty (ASCE/Univ. of Missouri at Rolla)

The North American Database: Furthering Sustainable Development By Improving Life Cycle Assessment,
Christine M. Vehar (ASME/Univ. of Dayton)

Moving Towards Biomass:  Current Support for
Biomass Usage in the United States
Jennifer R. Walden (AIChE/Illinois Institute of Technology)


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