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Journal of Engineering
and Public Policy

(Vol 4, 2000)

Table of Contents


Lindsay M. Bose, Reinvesting in America:  BRAC Lessons for Brownfields, (NSPE/Kansas State University)

Michael J. Burg, Jr., Corporate Average Fuel Economy Standards: The Twenty Five Years’ War, (SAE/Rowan University)

Michael D. Carpenter, Side Air Bag Testing and Regulation: Deflating a Potentially Explosive Topics, (SAE/University of North Carolina at Charlotte)

James B. Devaney, Breaking Moore’s Law: R & D Policy for Emerging Computer Hardware Technologies, (IEEE/University of Missouri at Columbia)

Jennifer L. Elliott, Improving K-12 Science and Math Education Though Enhanced Teacher Quality, (SAE/Cedarville College)

Erin M. File, And the Band Played On: The Effect of Low Power Radio on FM Broadcasting, (IEEE/Ohio State University)

Kelly C. Goodyear, Reduced Funding for Aeronautics R&D, (ASME/Lamar University)

Mauricio R. Gutierrez, Assistive Technologies: Engineering a Difference in Quality of Life, (ASME/St. Louis University)

Kyle C. Hathaway, Large Policy Issues for Small Scale Technology, (NSF-AICHE/University of Mississippi)

Justin A. Hendrix, The Diffusion of Science and Policy in Government Agencies: Focus on Yucca Mountain, (ANS/Kansas State University)

Jon Horek, A Critical Analysis of National Nanotechnology Research Funding (IEEE/University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

J. Gardner Olson, Solving Watershed Pollution: TMDL’s To The Rescue, (ASCE/University of Utah)

Justin L. Watkins, Well Blow Me Down: Developing Windstorm Hazard Technologies, (NSF-AAES/Oregon State University)

Jason B. Wilds, Tritium: Commercial Cultivation of the U.S. Nuclear Weapons Program, (ANS/Tennessee Tech. University)

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