The following papers were prepared by WISE Interns for their sponsoring society, the Society of Automotive Engineers.  They have been copyrighted by SAE, who reserves all rights, and therefore are not available for republication in the WISE Journal of Engineering and Public Policy:

Joshua Charm, ElderTech - Enhancing the Independence of Elderly Through the Use of Technology (SAE/University of Michigan)

Stephen M. Nicholls, The Impact of Internet Privacy Legislation on the U.S. Automotive Industry: Industrial Nuisance or Economic Catalyst? (SAE/Kansas State University)

Brendan R. Rogillio, U.S. Drafted Guidelines on Orbital Debris and How to Convince Space Industries to Use Them (SAE/West Virginia University)

Copies of these papers will appear in the proceedings of SAE's 2000 Annual Congress, and will be available for sale from the Society of Automotive Engineers in February 2000.

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