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Journal of Engineering
and Public Policy

(Vol 3, 1999)

Table of Contents


Commercialization of Vehicular Fuel Cells, Melony Anderson (AIChE/University of Delaware)

Funding Airport Infrastructure: Federal Options for Solvency, Grant D. Bennett (ASCE/Colorado State University)

Interim Disposition of Spent Nuclear Fuel:  A Policy Analysis, Nathan Carstens (ANS/Oregon State University)

ElderTech - Enhancing the Independence of Elderly Through the Use of Technology, Joshua Charm (SAE/University of Michigan)

Reliable Electric Power Transmission and Distribution under National Restructuring, Brian Coombe (IEEE/Pennsylvania State University)

Ensuring Quality Science, Math, Engineering, and Technology Teachers to the United States’ K-12 Classrooms, Rachel Dubbert (NSF/Kansas State University)

Report on Implementation of Section 12 of the National Technology Transfer and Advancement Act of 1995, Jeffrey Jacobs (ASME/Utah State University)

Nuclear Energy Research (Focusing on the NERI and NEPO Projects), Robert Kopenec (ANS/Purdue University)

United States Bioengineering Research Programs: A Critical Analysis, Josh Leonard (AIChE/Stanford University)

Government Incentives to the Commercial Space Launch Industry: Analysis and Recommendations, Eric A. Lund (IEEE/Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University)

Up in the Air: Competition and Federal Policy Affecting Wireless Broadband Communications Technology, Adam Margetts (NSF/Utah State University)

The Impact of Internet Privacy Legislation on the U.S. Automotive Industry: Industrial Nuisance or Economic Catalyst?, Stephen M. Nicholls (SAE/Kansas State University)

U.S. Drafted Guidelines on Orbital Debris and How to Convince Space Industries to Use Them, Brendan R. Rogillio (SAE/West Virginia University)

OSHA’s Regulatory Role in Ergonomic Safety,  Robert A. Vance, (NSPE/Iowa State University)

Changes in Telecommunications: Convergence and Cable Open Access, Meredith L. Wu (IEEE/Princeton University)

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