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Journal of Engineering
and Public Policy

(Vol 2, 1998)

Table of Contents


Consumer Incentives to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Personal Automobiles, Greg Ayres (SAE/Princeton University).

Internet Access in Rural Areas and Inner Cities, Syronna Brown (NSBE, Mississippi State University).

Building for the Future: Energy Efficiency for Low-Income Consumers, Emily Emerson (NSF/Kansas State University).

Stranded Costs and Other Economic Challenges in Utility Restructuring, Nathan Harnly (ANS, Mankato State University).

Advanced Vehicle Development and State-Federal Cooperation, Loretta Hawkes (ASME/Boston University)

Transportation of Spent Nuclear Fuel, Chris Henderson (ANS/Kansas State University)

Minimization of Global Climate Change Using Clean Coal Technology, Elizabeth Lester (AIChE, University of Kentucky)

Decarbonization of the Energy Fuel Supply: Engineering a Non-Carbon Response to Global Climate Change, Jeff Meagher (AIChE, University of Virginia).

International PNGV-Equivalent Programs: Where Does the United States Stand?, Melissa Polverini (SAE/Syracuse University).

Automated Highway Systems: Incremental Deployment as a Solution for the Future of Transportation, Luke Postema (IEEE, Cedarville College).

Encryption Exportation Restrictions: Balancing National Security and Economic Interests, John Rhoads (IEEE, Tulane University).

Mil-Spec and Mil-Std Reform, Richard Shertzer (SAE/U.S. Air Force Academy).

Agricultural Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Initiatives, Kevin Stamm (AIChE/Kansas State University).

HSGT: Federal Role in Research, Development and Deployment, Daniel Stiles (ASCE/Colorado State University).

Ethanol: Start Me Up, Robert Thornburg (NSF/University of Notre Dame).

Superfund Liability: Is It Too Strict?, Craig Zoltowski (NSPE, State University of New York).

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