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Journal of Engineering
and Public Policy

(Vol 1, 1997)

Table of Contents


Federally Funded Energy Research and Development:  Should It Be Sacrificed to Balance the Budget, Scott Michael Bailey (New Mexico State/ASME)

Particulate Matter Regulations and Implications for the Deisel Engine, J. Andrew Baker (Oklahoma State University/SAE)

ISO 9000 and QS-9000:  The Federal Government's Role in Quality Standards Systems, Gregory J. Beskow (Milwaukee School of Engineering/SAE)

The Nuclear Fuel Cycle:  Reprocessing and Recycling for Power, Peter F. Caracappa (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute/ANS)

Past, Present and Future:  The National Ambient Air Quality Standards for Ozone and Particulate Matter, Fara Churgin (Syracuse University/NSF-ASCE)

The Research and Experimentation Tax Credit:  Restructuring and Extension, Shawn Davis (Florida Technological University/AICHE)

Medical Devices:  Saving Lives, But Is It In Time?, Amy Gowder (Arizona State University/NSF-IEEE)

Nuclear Power Plant License Renewal:  Policy and Economic Considerations, Christopher Hansen (Kansas State University/ANS)

The Next Generational Internet:  Defining the Federal Government's Role, Scott Heideman (Kansas State University/IEEE)

Technical Challenges Resulting from Electrical Utility Restructuring:  Reliability Enforcement and Accountability, Alvin Henry (University of Houston/IEEE)

The Effects of Utility Deregulation on the Nuclear Industry, DeLeah Lockridge (Texas A&M University/NSBE)

Alternative Fuel Vehicles:  Should The Federal Government Bridge the Economic Gap?, Cynthia McFadden (Cedarville College/SAE)

Global Climate Change:  United States Proposals for International Policy, Marybeth Reynolds (Manhattan College/AICHE)

Intelligent Transportation Systems:  Improving Yesterday's Infrastrastructure With Modern Technology, Frederick Sheffield (Kansas State University/NSPE)

Project XL:  Balancing Environmental Performance With Regulatory Flexibility, Elizabeth Wood (Florida Technological University/AICHE)


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