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Faculty-Member -in-Residence

Daniel Deckler

2009 Alumni

Caitlin Augustin
University of Miami

Cheyenne Alabanzas
University of Alaska - Anchorage

Milad Alemohammad
Drexel University

Jennifer Christensen
Texas A&M University

Charles Haack
Penn State University

John Hanson
Ohio State University

Daniel Hendrickson
Florida Institute of Technology

Ian Hoffbeck
Calvin College

Daniel Kreis
Missouri University
of Science and Technology

Stephen McGill
University of Pennsylvania

Joseph Mullenbach
University of Minnesota

Steven Timothy
Cornell University

Sarah Widder
University of Washington

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John Hanson
has decided to continue his education in nuclear engineering at MIT. He was also selected as a recipient of a DOE Office of Science Graduate Fellowship--he was one of 150 students selected to receive this award out of more than 3200 applicants.

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