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James C. Dennison
McNeese State Univ.

2003 Alumni

Gino Banco
Rowan Univ./SAE

Laura Beth Bienhoff
Kansas State Univ./ANS

Melanie Chin
N.C. State Univ./NSF-AICHE

Jennifer Christensen
S. Dakota School of Mines & Tech./IEEE

Jennifer Cole
Univ. of Tennessee Ė Knoxville/ANS

John Hillert
Colorado School of Mines/AIChE

Jessica Hutton
Univ. of Missouri- Columbia/ASCE

Sean Murray
Univ. of New Mexico/ASME

Julie Quackenbush
Kansas State Univ./NSPE

Hilary Steinway
Southern Methodist Univ./NSF-AAES

Tricia Um
Mass. Institute of Technology/IEEE

Kathleen Young
University of South Carolina/IEEE

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Bulletin Board

Notice to 2003 Alumni.  The 2003 edition of the WISE Journal of Engineering and Public Policy is now live.  All papers that have been authorized for release are published and on-line.

Updated Laura Beth Bienhoff:  I successfully graduated from KSU in May 05 and joined ExxonMobil Gas & Power Marketing in July 05 as a gas control analyst in Houston. Basically I serve as the interface between natural gas production and customers for Mobile Bay, AL production. As you might expect, my first few months were quite busy with the hurricanes! Katrina took down my production, Rita took me out of the city (yes, I was one of those cars on I-45), and Wilma took out my FL customers! One of the more exciting things I am doing this year is serving on the Society of Women Engineers BOD as the Collegiate BOD Representative. I am an invited guest of the President, and essentially I am a non-voting member of the Board. So far, it's been a pretty awesome opportunity! (1/06)  I have just been relocated to London (yes the REAL London). Still working for ExxonMobil Gas & Power Marketing, now as an analyst supporting Europe sales. As you might expect, I'm very excited about this opportunity! Although I don't have a place to live yet, I plan to have a spare bedroom or two for visitors.  (1/07)

Jenni Christensen:  Hey everyone! I am currently in Norway, spending a year abroad. I actually met up with Gino in December for a trip to Greece. Gino is a Fulbright scholar in Germany this year. Kat and I had a supa spy reunion last summer in South Carolina, good times. I am still working on the undergrad (I'm the young one, remember?) and hopefully will be doing a lot more traveling this year before I return to the States. If anyone's in Europe in the next few months, let me know!  (1/05)

Jennifer Cole:  I just took a trip to DC this week for an American Nuclear Society meeting. It brought back many memories of my summer in DC!! I walked past JJ (I wonder if the monkey bird still lives on top of the building....)and I took my friend to get ice cream in the little mall near where we lived, so it was nice to visit again. I spent most of this fall interviewing for jobs and going to meetings, so itís been very hard actually keeping up with school. I saw Laura Beth in Milwaukee at the Society of Women Engineers conference last month. I have decided to look more into graduate school programs, so it looks like I may be in school for a couple more years. I just wasnít ready to settle on a job right now. So by this time next year, who knows where Iíll be! I would love to hear how all of you are doing. (11/04)

John Hillert: Well, I am now working for Italcementi group, a cement company based in Italy. They sent me to a training in Europe and I started it off spending two months in Varna, Bulgaria. Now, I am continuing the training on the small island of Sardegna, Italy. I met up with Gino before Christmas and we explored Milan for two days. I should be done in a month, and from there I have no idea what I will be doing or where I will be going. (2/05)  Currently attending law school at Florida State University. Lots of fun! (3/07)

Jessica Hutton:  Well, after WISE, I went to work as a traffic engineer for MoDOT and also started a masters in public affairs. This past fall, I took an educational leave and am back at school full time. I'm a TA and a GRA and enjoying the student life again. I'll be done in May, and I'm thinking about moving to Kansas City to work there for a while--whether it will be in engineering or public policy, I'm not sure yet. (1/05)

Updated Hilary Steinway: After three years of consulting with A.T. Kearney in Dallas, I have decided to pursue my MBA. I am at the London Business School in the UK and loving it! (And yes, LBB and I are having lots of fun being reunited!) I think it's about time for a WISE-guy reunion! (10/07)

Tricia Um:  Back to school! :P  (09/03)

Julie Quackenbush has been selected as a national candidate for both the Rhodes and Marshall fellowships. (04/04)

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