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Faculty-Member -in-Residence

James C. Dennison
McNeese State Univ.

2002 Alumni

Wayne Blaylock
(Tennessee Tech. Univ./ANS-AIChE)

Jason Frederick
(Trinity University/IEEE)

Michael Geruso
(Virginia Polytechnic/ ASME)

Corinna Kester
(Univ. of Texas at Austin/AICHE)

Jennifer King
(N.C. State Univ./ASCE)

Trampas Kurth
(Kansas State Univ./IEEE)

Andrew Lilly
(Univ. of Arkansas at Fayetteville/SAE)

Simon Lobdell
(Penn. State Univ./ANS)

Jennifer Miller
(Ohio State Univ./ANS)

Tolani Owasu
(Univ. of North Carolina Charlotte/NSPE)

Mark Rice
Kansas State Univ./WISE-AAES

Davis Richard Thompson
(Columbia Univ./IEEE)

Matthew D. Tran
(Wichita State Univ./WISE-SAE)

Max Vilimpoc
(Ohio State Univ./IEEE)

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Max's WISE 2002 Photo Gallery

Bulletin Board

Wayne Blaylock: After two years at the Y-12 National Security Complex in Oak Ridge, TN, I have decided to return to academia. I will be starting my PhD in Chemical Engineering at MIT in September of this year. Also, I will be getting married this August (to Lindsay...who most of you met) all kinds of change in my life. Hello to all of my fellow WISE alumni! (4/05)

Jason Frederick: Howdy y'all! I left DC (the Federal Communications Commission) in November 2003, and I am at the University of Chicago in the Economics department on an NSF Fellowship. I'm very excited to begin this adventure!(9/04)

Trampas Kurth:  Hey Wise Guys! After a short consulting stint with Ernst & Young in Kansas City, I am attending law school at the University of Chicago. I'm looking forward to classes starting in a few weeks. Hope things are going well for everyone else. (9/03)

Simon Lobdell:  I am leaving for the Appallachian trail tomorrow. I have been working on environmental litigation for sometime and loving it. (5/04)

Rick Thompson:  I doubt anybody thought I would post, however I needed to apologize for causing such a disturbance that summer. I am very sorry - forgive me. OK, with that out of the way, I would just like to wish everyone well and congratulate Trampas on his success in law school at the University of Chicago. As for me, I am engaged to Khanhvy, my girlfriend of almost five years now, and for the second summer in a row
I am working in the patent/IP law group at the Los Angeles office of Hogan & Hartson, one of the largest firms in D.C. I am looking
forward to practicing after I graduate from NYU next year. Oh yes, and I plan to be settled on a topic for my paper around November. ;) "  (06/05)

Matthew Tran -- Hey WISE guys. Thanks for setting up the photo gallery Max. That was great seeing those old pictures. I am also gonna' do a cross country trip in June. I'm heading up to New Hampshire for my sister's Phillips Exeter graduation, and then back to California for the summer for another coop tour at NASA Dryden. As for long term plans, I'm going to get my masters in Aerospace at Stanford, but I'm deferring enrollment for a year to do a nine-month postgraduate program at von Karman Institute in Belgium. I hope everyone else is doing well. (5/03)

Max Vilimpoc is headed to Cleveland to plan his next big adventure.  Follow his exploits at Vilimpoc.Org. (4/04)

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