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Gilbert J. Brown, Ph.D.
Univ. of Massachusetts

at Lowell

2000 Alumni

Lindsay M. Bose
Kansas State Univ./NSPE

Michael J. Burg, Jr.
Rowan University/SAE

Michael D. Carpenter
Univ. of North Carolina at Charlotte/SAE

James B. Devaney
Univ. of Missouri at Columbia/IEEE

Jennifer L. (Elliott) Hostetler
Cedarville College/SAE

Erin M. File
Ohio State/IEEE

Kelly C. Goodyear
Lamar Univ./ASME

Mauricio R. Gutierrez
St. Louis Univ./ASME

Kyle C. Hathaway
Univ. of Mississippi/

Justin A. Hendrix
Kansas State/ANS

Jon D. Horek
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign/IEEE

J. Gardner Olson
University of Utah/ASCE

Justin L. Watkins
Oregon State/NSF-AAES

Jason B. Wilds
Tennessee Tech/ANS


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Lindsay Bose:  I am still designing building power systems for an Architecture & Engineering firm. I have recently been transfered to New York City to assist with the renovation and expansion of the Jacob Javits convention center (1/07)  I just received word that I have passed the PE test. (7/07)

Updated Mike Burg I graduated Rutgers Law in 2006, and have been working in the IP Group at Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP in Philadelphia. I'm splitting my time between patent and trademark prosecution and litigation. I'm getting married in November 2008. (3/08)

Updated Erin File: Just updated a year ago, but lots of changes. I left the Patent Office in July after 3 years and took a position as a student associate at Finnegan Henderson LLP in DC. I am working there full time while attending GW Law School in the evenings. Justin Hendrix is going to be working as a Summer Associate at my firm this summer so we will be reunited this summer in DC--8 years later. (1/08)

Kelly Goodyear: I'm probably the most delinquent little intern from 2000! I'm still at NASA. I still love it. Things are really hopping here with our Shuttles flying again and in my Space Station world, we're having all the international partners coming on board (Europe and Japan) in the next year or so. It's all pretty exciting! I'm living in downtown Houston these days instead of the suburbs. I really enjoy it... except the commute... (03/07)

Mauricio Gutierrez:  I finished my Masters at MIT in June 2004 and am working at Delta Search Labs, Inc. in Cambridge, MA. (1/05)  I returned to the Washington area in 2006 and have been working at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission since that time. I am currently in a rotation program to broadly learn how the agency works. (3/07)

Update! Justin Hendrix:  After graduating from K-State, I spent 5 years in the Navy's submarine force, stationed in Pearl Harbor, HI. In 2006, I started law school at the University of Kansas and will be working in IP law this next summer at Finnegan Henderson in Washington DC. I had a partial WISE reunion working with James Devaney in patent law at a large firm in Kansas City. This summer, I will have another partial reunion working with Erin File in patent law at the law firm in Washington DC. (1/08)

Jennifer (Elliott) Hostetler:   In December I started a new job with M Cubed Technologies in Newark, DE as a manufacturing engineer. The company produces ceramic composite bullet-proof tiles for the military. (1/06)

Jon Horek:  I received my BS in mechanical engineering from Illinois (Urbana-Champaign), and PhD in mechanical engineering from Northwestern. (10/06)  I recently left my research position at Modine and began working as a mechanical engineer for Sargent & Lundy. Power generation has long been an interest of mine, and I will now be designing coal-fired plants around the US and potentially the world. We are still in Chicago, and plan to be for the foreseeable future. (05/07)

Kelly Goodyear: I got a job as a contractor for NASA, if you can believe it. I'll be working for USA (United Space Alliance). USA is a joint venture between Boeing and Lockheed Martin, so it's a pretty reputable company. USA has only been around for about 4 years. I'll be working on site at NASA in Houston. My job title is engineering staff for ISS (International Space Station for those of you who don't follow) Mission Planning. About one week out of four, I'll do "shift" work in the mission control room, talking directly to the astronauts. I decided after last semester that I needed a break from school before I got my masters, so this works out really well. I start on July 2nd." (04/01)  I hope you are all doing well and finding yourselves exactly where you want to be during the holidays! My job is great. I know I say this every time, but anyone who comes any where near Houston (or Texas for that matter!) should definitely let me know. I'd love to see someone out here! Hope everyone has a great holiday break and the best new year ever! (12/01)

Gardner Olson:  May of 2002 I accepted a full-time engineering position with The Metropolitan Water District of Salt Lake & Sandy. I am concurrently working to obtain a Masters' Degree in Project Management & Civil Engineering at the University of Utah. Happily married. (5/03)

Justin Watkins I graduated from OSU with a degree in civil engineering last spring. I am near completion of my first year at University of San Diego Law School. After two more years I look to start a career in patent law. There I will be able to combine my legal education with engineering. (4/02)

2000 Alumni can find their papers published on-line in Vol. IV (2000) of the WISE Journal of Engineering and Public Policy.

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