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Bjong Wolf Yeigh, Ph.D.
Oklahoma State Univ.

1998 Alumni

Gregory Ayres

Syronna Brown
NSBE/Mississippi State Univ.

Emily Emerson
NSF/Kansas State Univ.

Nathan Harnly
ANS/Mankato State

Loretta (Hawkes) McHugh
ASME/Boston Univ.

Christopher Henderson
ANS/Kansas State Univ.

Elizabeth Lester
AIChE/Univ. of Kentucky

Jeff Meagher
AIChE/Univ. of Virginia

Melissa Polverini
SAE/Syracuse Univ.

Luke Postema

John Rhoads
IEEE/Tulane Univ.

Richard Shertzer
SAE/U.S. Air Force Academy

Kevin Stamm
AIChE/Kansas State Univ.

Dan Stiles
ASCE/Colorado State Univ.

Robert Thornburg
NSF/Notre Dame

Craig Zoltowski


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Bulletin Board

Greg Ayres --  Now that I have received my M.S. in M.E. from Stanford, I am working for the USDOT in Cambridge, MA, doing research and field testing in support of the Intelligent Vehicle Initiative. Loretta and Melissa, I see why you guys liked Boston so much. I had a wonderful drive across country this spring, when I stopped in Denver and met up with future Time Magazine Man of the Year Dan "DC" Stiles. Glad everyone is doing well. (6/02)

UPDATE Syronna Brown -- I received my MBA in Engineering Management. (7/03)  Currently in Phoenix, Arizona, working for General Dynamics as Project Leader for the Rescue 21 Program. If any of you are ever in the Valley...get up with me. (1/07).

UPDATE Chris Henderson -- I'm currently at Kansas State working on my Master's in Nuclear Engineering, and recently bought a house in Manhattan. So, if you find yourself driving through the area stop by and pay a visit. (02/07)

Elizabeth Lester:  I finished law school in May 2005 and I am now a patent attorney with a large law firm in Atlanta. Give me a ring if you're ever in Hotlanta! (11/06)

UPDATE Loretta (Hawkes) McHugh -- Loretta is a quality engineer with Quality Engineer, with Henke Sass Wolf of America, Inc. based in Connecticut.  Her latest update:  "Evan and I had a baby girl, Margaret, on February 18th, 2007. We are having a great time with little Maggie. Send me an email if you would like a link to her website!"

Chris Henderson --  Resigned from the Navy at the end of April, and back at Kansas State working on my Masters in Nuclear Engineering. [webpage] (06/06)

Elizabeth Lester -- reports "I'm finishing up my masters at Georgia Tech this fall and will hopefully be clerking for a law firm here in Atlanta until I start law school fall of 2002. I'm also busy planning my wedding which will be June 2002 in Hawaii!" (7/01)  Ken Kirschner and I were married this summer in Hawaii in an absolutely beautiful ceremony! I've since started law school at Georgia State University and I'm hoping it through my first year alive. I can't wait to see everyone this summer at the "reunion"! (9/02)

Jeff Meagher -- is working as a research assistant for Rep. Tom Daschle (D-SD).  Jeff attended UVa, receiving a BS in ChemE with a minor in government. For the past year, he has been with ICF Consulting in Fairfax, Virginia.  (07/05/00)

Melissa Polverini --  I am living in Courthouse working for AMS in Fairfax. Things are going well. (08/01)

John Rhoads -- reports:  Married to Vivian Sobral 12/5/00. Working for the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. Expect to get a Masters in Applied Physics/Optics 5/2002. Will be a participant in the National Academies Internship program summer of 2001, working in Georgetown. (5/01) Vivian and I will be moving to Austin, TX. YeeHawww! She will be starting a 2 year MBA program at University of Texas at Austin.  (8/02)  Attending the University of Chicago MBA program. Expected graduation 2006. (11/04)

Dan Stiles -- Married Kristen (fellow CSU Ram) in August 2003. (1/04)   8 years already?!? We need to get together again soon! I am currently practicing law in Denver in the areas of public law, corporate and securities. Hope you are all well! (09/06)

Wolf Yeigh:  Hey WISE-people, Greetings! Keeping up with the tradition of moving every four years, I left my position as Assistant Provost for Science and Technology at Yale in July, 2003 and took a new position as Dean of Parks College of Engineering and Aviation at Saint Louis University. Its great to be back in engineering and getting reacquainted with aviation. The new job is great, and Sandy and I both enjoy St. Louis very much. Come visit, and Id love to hear what you guys are up to these days.

Craig Zoltowksi -- graduated in 1999 from Suny-Buffalo with degrees in civil engineering and German and is currently working for Proctor & Gamble in Baltimore, Maryland (11/00)

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