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Bjong Wolf Yeigh, Ph.D.
Oklahoma State University

1997 Alumni

Scott Bailey
(ASME/New Mexico State)

Andy Baker
(SAE/Oklahoma State)

Greg Beskow
(SAE/Milwaukee School of Eng.)

Peter Caracappa

Fara Churgin

Shawn Davis
(ACIhE/Florida Tech)

Amy Gowder
(NSF-IEEE/Arizona State Univ.)

Christopher Hansen
(ANS/Kansas State)

Scott Heideman
(IEEE/Kansas State)

Alvin Henry
(IEEE/Univ. of Houston)

DeLeah Lockridge
(NSBE/Texas A&M)

Cynthia McFadden

Marybeth Reynolds
(AIChE/Manhattan College)

Frederick Sheffield
(NSPE/Kansas State)

Elizabeth Wood
(AIChE/Florida Tech)

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Bulletin Board

Updated Greg Beskow I got married to Cori Latour on September 22, 2001. I am currently working at Andersen Windows in Bayport, MN as an Engineering Lead/Supervisor. I have been employed with Andersen since December 2003. I am living in Elk Mound with family which includes two children. Caleb was born on September 20, 2005 and Elisabeth was born on January 22, 2008. (2/08)

Peter CaracappaI finished my Masters in Nuclear Engineering at RPI this spring (2001), and started mid-summer at the State University as Radiation Safety Officer, so I'm sticking around Upstate New York for a little while. While I'm working here, I've started pursuing a Masters in Public Policy from the Rockefeller College of Public Policy and Administration (part of the University).  I've tried to stay active in public policy since '97 - I currently serve on the ANS Public Policy Committee, I participated and then led a delegation of Nuclear Engineering Students to DC, and in Nov. 2000, I went to The Hague with the North American Young Generation in Nuclear for the World Climate Change Conference (COP6).  Keep in touch everyone! (9/01)

Fara Churgin:  I am currently working as a consultant for Andersen Consulting in Washington, DC. I am moving to NYC this summer and I can't wait!! I am very glad to get back in touch with the '97 alumni!  (3/00)

Shawn Davis:  I'm still pounding away at graduate school. 12 hour days are my friend at this point. I've become the poster boy for living in a clean room to process wafers. Living in a bunny suit is a bit of a hassle but I'm actually kind of liking the idea that I get to breathe really clean air and I don't have to worry about getting sick. Long term this should all pay off big. My advisors with the help of a friendly venture capitalist have reated a company to manufacture our microneedles and I've already got stock options. That makes me a happy man. (5/99)

Amy Gowder: I am still working for Accenture doing consulting (4 years now). I still live in Phoenix. My most exciting news is I was married to Mark Graban on Oct. 27th 2001. Marybeth and Shawn were in my wedding and it was a great time. (4/02)

Chris Hansen: I am finishing up a S.M. at MIT in Technology Policy.  Will be married on July 28, 2001 and then move to Oxford England for 3 years to begin a doctoral program in Development Economics, concentrating on elecricity markets in SE Asia and Africa. (7/01)

Scott Heideman:   Scott is a Senior Access Analyst in Sprint's Access Management Division, and lives near Kansas City. (7/01) Scott reports -- I proposed to my girlfriend this weekend, and she accepted! We are planning to be married in Topeka, KS next Spring to early Summer (2004). We should have firm date soon. Currently, Amanda works in Topeka and I work in KC, but she will be looking to move to Kansas City within the year. Amanda has a master's degree in library sciences from Drexel, and currently works at the Public Library in Topeka. We've known each other for some time and have been good friends, as we graduated from high school together.  I am also working on my grad school application to pursue my MBA at KU starting in the fall. I plan to continue my career with Sprint and to pursue the MBA at night at KU's satellite school in KC. I should know by mid-summer if all goes well. (3/03)

Alvin Henry Alvin was completing his doctorate at UC Berkeley. (07/06)

Deleah Lockridge and Cindy McFadden: Hi Everyone! DeLeah had some free time on her hands while waiting for a nuclear plant in Michigan to startup, so she thought she would drive across the state (almost 4 hours!) to visit her good friend Cindy and meet her husband (Michael). We spent the evening catching up on old times, comparing family stories, and reading about all of you. It was a worthwhile visit, the first of many to come. Cindy and Michael have a beautiful home in Waterford, Michigan and work for GM. DeLeah lives in Pittsburgh and lives the high life traveling the country working for Westinghouse Electric Co. Expect further details from both of us soon. Hope you all are well!!!

Wolf Yeigh:  Hey WISE-people, Greetings! Keeping up with the tradition of moving every four years, I left my position as Assistant Provost for Science and Technology at Yale in July, 2003 and took a new position as Dean of Parks College of Engineering and Aviation at Saint Louis University. Its great to be back in engineering and getting reacquainted with aviation. The new job is great, and Sandy and I both enjoy St. Louis very much. Come visit, and Id love to hear what you guys are up to these days.

Nine of the WISE '97 Interns held a reunion in Washington during the week of June 8th. Together with the 1998 Interns, they had dinner at an Ethiopian Restaurant in the Adams Morgan area of the District. (9/98)

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