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Marcia Katz, Ph.D.
Univ. of Tennessee

1997 Alumni

Tee Wee Ang
(IEEE/Univ. of Denver)

Shannon Bragg
(ANS/Texas A&M)

Edward Cheng

Renee Dworshak
(AIChE/South Alabama)

Russell Fortmeyer
(NSPE/Kansas State)

Benjamin Gover
(SAE/Milwaukeee School of Eng.)

Kary Hisrich

Raegan Hunt
Texas A&M)

Stephen Kaminski
(AIChE/Johns Hopkins)

Gwen Ottinger
(SAE/Georgia Tech.)

Michael Rees
(ASME/Univ. of Pittsburgh)

Holly Trellue
(ANS/New Mexico)

Natalie Vandemark

Mae Wu

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Bulletin Board

Tee Wee AngReceived my LLB (Bachelor of Law) from University of London, UK via part time external program in Malaysia.  Graduated with a Master of Development Studies from the University of Melbourne, Australia in Nov 2004. Started working full time at the Regional Unit for Social and Human Sciences (RUSHSAP) in UNESCO Bangkok from July of 2004 (intern and part-time contract from January 2004). Currently attached to the Ethics of Science and Technology Programme, with specific focus in the Asia Pacific region. Also minor involvement in human rights, culture of peace, and social transformation activities.  (1/05)  Have moved to UNESCO HQ in Paris for a year, filling in a temporary position, working on the Global Ethics Observatory with the Division of Ethics of Science and Technology. Will probably be here until July 2006, maybe longer. Do drop me a line if in Paris!" (8/05)

Renee (Dworshak) Semiz:  After graduation, I accepted a position at UOP in Chicago. Three years later, I switched to a full-time travel position at UOP, which I am still currently doing. Last year, I spent 4 months in Turkey, where I met my husband!  (01/03)

Ben Gover reports: "Married 6/6/98 to my wife Jill. I continue to work on my graduate studies at Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE).  Currently employed at Modine Manufacturing Company as an Application Engineer. New hobbies: Sea Kayaking, Sailing, and imitating Bob Vila as I restore my elderly house." (08/00).  Finished my masters in business in 2002, and remain at Modine Manufacturuing as an Application Engineering Supervisor. On September 25, 2002 I became a father to my son Noah. My wife Jill and I are enjoying parenthood and all of the joy that goes with it. (06/03)

Kary Hisrich:  "Hi everyone! I just started business school at Duke (Class of 2004) after working the last three years in NYC at Goldman Sachs. I'd love to hear from anyone and everyone if you get a free moment.  Congratulations to all who are engaged/ married now and finished graduate schools -- most impressive. We definitely were the best WISE class! All the best, Kary"

Steve Kaminski reports: "Hi All! I hope everyone is doing well.  I graduated from Harvard Law School last year. I am spending this year clerking for a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Washington D.C. I am also engaged to be married Memorial Day weekend of 2002 in Pittsburgh."  (6/01)

UPDATED Michael Rees reports:  "Hello everyone. I am still living in New York City with my wife Allison and my son Dylan (1 year old, born 9/2006). Still working with Lehman Brothers in the Investment Banking Division, focused on hedge funds and private equity firms. Hope everyone is well, drop me a line if you're in NYC." (9/07)

Mae Wu reports:  "I am graduating from Duke Law in a few months!! Then I am heading out to San Francisco to work at a private law firm." (03/01)

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