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Robert Goulard, Ph.D.
George Washington University

1994 Alumni

Bryan D. Arnold
(SAE/Iowa State)

Colleen Chien

Susan R. Cunningham

Scott M. Hartley

Jesse Herbert

Todd Lakin
(NSPE/Kanas State)

Brian McDaniel
(IEEE/Texas A&M)

Lisa Rae Morgan
(ANS/North Carolina State)

Brian J. Ross
(ASME/Univ. of Minnesota)

Craig Scott Smith
(IEEE/U.S. Military Academy)

Michael David Smith
(AIChE/Tennesse Tech)

Deborah A. Worthington
(ANS/Univ. of Illinois
at Urbana-Champaign)

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Bulletin Board

Bryan Arnold:  Hi! I'm still working at Toyota as a senior engineer developing new sealers and adhesives. My wife Betsy and I have one daughter, Sophie, who is 2 now and are expecting a son in July. I fondly recall my summer in DC and hope everyone is doing well (6/06)

Scott Hartley:  I am currently in charge of Business Development for Optical and Light Management Products at Gentex Corporation in Pennsylvania. (08/04)

Jesse Herbert: My brief history is that in 1995 after graduating I worked for a year on a Fuel Cell Bus project at Georgetown University, then came to UC Davis for my Graduate studies where I am pursuing both a Masters in a new Graduate Group for Transportation Technology and Policy, as well as my PhD in Material Science and Engineering with a minor in Electrochemistry. My Thesis will deal with advanced materials and electrochemistry for Supercapacitors and Fuel Cells.  (01/99)

Updated Brian Ross My wife, Michelle and I had our second child, Kate. Our son Jack is 3. I am still working at Medtronic where we use medical technology to restore people to full life. I manage a systems engineering department in Medtronic's Atrial Fibrillation Technology Development group developing tools to treat atrial fibrillation. (10/07)

Scott Smith:I'm still in the Army and I'm in The Netherlands! I am currently a company commander, hoping to get back to do more graduate work in 2002. (03/00)

Michael D. Smith: It's been a busy past couple of months here in Southeast Texas. We had just made room for the New Orleans evacuees when Hurricane Rita stormed through. Things are mostly back to normal now, although there is a shortage of roofers so a lot of blue tarps are still visible around town, and believe it or not there are still a lot of cut-down trees to be picked up.  Anyway, I made it through OK, and I'm moving from Beaumont to Houston in March. I'm still working as a sales engineer in the chemical industry, and I'm excited to get over to Houston.  (02/06)

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