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Andrew Dzurik, Ph.D
Florida State University

1991 Alumni

Adele H. Banning
-Mellon Univ.)

Cynthia A. Biller
(NSPE/Univ. of Kansas)

Ronald C. Brockhoff
(ANS/Kansas State)

Gregory W. Council

Elizabeth C. Dickey

Steven J. Ebel
(IEEE/Univ. of Minnesota)

Erin L. Jennett

Robert J. Lasser

Darren R. Marlow
(ASEE/Univ. of Alabama)

Joseph A. Naggar
(SAE/Penn State)

Carmen E. Pinero

Eva D. Regnier

Kendra V. Sharp
(SAE/Univ. of Illinois)

Kory B. Sylvester
(ANS/Iowa State-MIT)

Katherine Tahanovsky

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Bulletin Board

Elizabeth Dickey: After receiving her B.S. in Materials Engineering from the Univ. of Kentucky, she went to Northwestern University on a NSF Graduate Research Fellowship and received her Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering. She is currently a Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at North Carolina State University and Director of the Center for Dielectrics and Piezoelectrics.  [Faculty Profile] (7/15)

Steve Ebel received his MBA from Rice University in 1997. He currently is a Technical Sales Representative with Exxon Chemical Company.

Darrin Marlow -- In 1992, I received my BS from The University of Alabama, married, moved to Atlanta, and began a career in IT consulting with Accenture (formerly Andersen Consulting). I have remained with the firm since that time. In 1996, I received a MS degree in mechanical engineering. The excitement really began in 1998 when my wife, Leigha, and I had our first child. In 2002, I decided to leave the consulting division of Accenture and join a long-term outsourcing arrangement in Birmingham, Alabama - less than an hour from where I grew up. As of 5/2003, Leigha and I have three children ranging from 5 years to 9 months. In 2003, I began studying Law at the Birmingham School of Law. (5/03)

Joe Naggar:  "With an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Business, I joined wall street (first with Merrill Lynch and currently with Morgan Stanley). I am married now and have a 2 year old, with another expected in Feb. 2002. Hope all are doing well. Call or email if you can." (10/01)

Katherine Tahanovsky:  "After graduating in ChemE from Columbia in 1992, I moved from NYC to Alaska and worked in Environmental Remediation Engineering for 4 years there. Great experience, loved it. In 1996, I moved to Silicon Valley and decided to try my hand at Software Development, a decidedly opportunistic move which has turned out to be quite lucrative. It also turns out the Engineering process is pretty much the same whether you're designing chemical unit operations or software processes. I am currently working as a Software Engineering manager at a wireless web startup that is so far weathering the dotcom crash quite well. Would love to hear from my fellow WISEians!" (2/01)  I recently started a new position as Program Manager for a corporate tax software company. I'm still in the Bay Area, weathering the dot com meltdown. Alas, I've been bitten by the startup bug! If you haven't rented the movie yet - think of me when you do. I lived it! Hey - Drop me a line if you're going to be in Northern Cal.; I'd love to catch up. (12/01)

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