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Faculty-Member -in-Residence

Jana Milford, Ph.D.
University of Colorado

1990 Alumni

Eugene Bae
(NSPE/Univ. of Missouri)

Kurt A. Barrow
(SAE/Kansas State Univ.)

Robert B. Bowen
ASHRAE/Penn State Univ.

Christian M. Carrico
(ANS/Univ. of Illinois)

Raelyn A. Clark
(ASTM/Kansas State Univ.)

Brian J. Conjelko
IEEE/U.S. Military Academy

Matthew C. Halbower

Levan F. Hiemke
IES/Mass. Institute of Technology

Kevin Y. Houston
(ANS/Univ. of Florida)

James G. Kavalaris
(ASCE/Michigan State)

Kelly S. Keimig
(ORSA/Kansas State Univ.)

Wynn Lowman-Lambertus
(ASEE/San Jose State)

Scott A. Lund
(SAE/Iowa State)

Bruce Maxwell

Adam T. McNeese
(AIChE/Univ. of Kentucky)

William G. Rigert
(SAE/San Diego State)

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Bulletin Board

Raelyn Clark-Stockwell:  After WISE, I went on to get my MS at the University of Washington in Environmental Health. I then got married and relocated to Arizona where I worked as an Environmental Engineering Specialist with the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality. I am currently at home raising our two awesome kids but always looking for other great opportunities. (12/03)

Jim KavalarisI'm back in school and working on my MBA at Purdue's Krannert Graduate School of Management. As far as what has been going on post-WISE and pre-MBA, the attached website for my current assistantship has the details. (2/2/02)

Bill Rigert:  Primary airframe design lead on various platforms for Lockheed-Martin Aeronautics Corp. in Palmdale, CA for the last 9+ years. Am looking forward to visiting D.C. again in a few years with my family. Married 20+ years, 2 daughters, and having fun with life. Hope all is well with you too! (07/05)

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