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Faculty-Member -in-Residence

Bobby Price, Ph.D.
Louisiana Tech Univ.

1989 Alumni

Peter J. Apostolakis
(ASTM/Univ. of Illinois)

Kimberly A. Billones
(ASHRAE/Kansas State Univ.)

Joanne Bujarski- VanMeter
(SAE/Wichita State)

Joseph B. Donovan
(SAE/Virginia Tech)

Steven C. Durham
(IEEE/U.S. Military Academy)

David J. Ferguson
(ANS/U.S. Military Academy)

Michael X. Franovich
(ASTM/Univ. of Florida)

Barrett E. Green
(ASCE/Univ. of Mississippi)

Terence D. Keating
(NSPE/Montana State)

Katherine S. Phillips
(ANS/Univ. of Missouri-Rolla)

Edward P. Pounds, III
(SAE/Univ. of Mississippi)

Deborah E. Ratner
(IES/Boston Univ.)

Ann J. Salcido
(IEEE/New Mexico State)

Andrea P. Sinner
(ORSA/Georgia Tech)

Frances S. Fadullon
(AICHE/Christian Brothers University)


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Bulletin Board

Peter Apostolakis completed his PhD in EE and works for Intel.  (8/05)

Kim (Billones) Sullivan works for a design-build engineering firm, Smith Seckman Reid Inc., in Houston, TX, and has a son.  (8/05)

Joanne Bujarski-VanMeter :  "Hey everyone! What's up?  I work for Qualcomm as an Senior Engineer/Internet Specialist." (8/05)

Frances S. Fadullon is relocating to the San Diego area with her husband and two daughters. She continues to work in the area of energy and the environment on a broad range of projects from wastewater treatment to sustainability." (8/05) (Email updated 2/07)

Michael Franovich works for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in Maryland. (05/05)

Barrett Green: Working for Entergy Corporation, a regional utility in LA, MS, AK, and eastern TX. Has a 7-yr old boy and 5-yr old girl.  (5/06)

Kathy (Stone) Phillips:  I have switched careers to science education (teaching and consulting). I am currently focusing on raising my two sons, ages 6 and 3. (11/04)

Calling all 1989 WISE Alumni.  Let us know what you're up to.  You can use our on-line update form.

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