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Faculty-Member -in-Residence

Dr. Steven Goldman,
Lehigh University

1987 Alumni

Dana Anderson
(AIChE/Univ. of Colorado-Boulder)

Richard F. Concia
(ASSEE/Univ. of Illinois)

Julie R. Daulton
(SAE/Iowa State)

Julie N. (Dezern) Combs

Eric A. Gifford
(IEEE/Oregon State)

Carrie Helmke Haner
(ORSA/Kansas State)

Timothy A. Imhof
(ASRAE/Cal Poly-SLO)

Karl T. Kahre
(SAE/Cal Poly-SLO)

Howard A. Kwon

David J. Senor
(ANS/Texas A&M)

Sandra M. Sloan
(ANS/Texas A&M)

Larry B. Smith, Jr.

Nicholas S. Souleles

Michael H. Wysockey

Tanuja Yalamanchili


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Bulletin Board

Julie (Dezern) Combs -- Currently serving on the county planning board ( Asheville, North Carolina) and getting ready to run for county commissioner.  Re-married to Allan Combs, my daughter Mollie (2 yrs old in 87) has just started college this fall. I am working for the state of NC in building codes out of the state fire marshall's office. (10/03)

Larry Smith, Jr. -- I'm the father of three boys now. I've also just completed my third year of a four year term on town council. Maybe I'll even re-file  (Jan. 1999). After being elected to a second four year term on Town Council, I decided to run during mid term for Mayor and won last November. It's typical small town politics but I enjoy it anyway. Be careful speeding through Marshville !! Wife and boys are doing great. (03/02)

Calling all 1987 WISE Alumni.  Let us know what you're up to.  You can use our on-line update form.

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