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Connecting Engineers & Scientists
with Public Policy Since 1980

Each year, outstanding engineering students are selected to spend nine weeks in Washington, D.C., learning about the public policy process, including how government officials make decisions on complex technological issues and how engineers can contribute to legislative and regulatory public policy decisions.  The WISE Program is ranked as one of the best Internship opportunities in the U.S. by the Princeton Review.

NEW for the 2016 program!

Welcome to the American Ceramic Society - the newest sponsor of the WISE program.

Application Deadline for the 2016 program - 31 December 2015

WISE Summer 2016 program dates

June 5 - August 5



Goodbye to the 2015 WISE Interns!  Thank you for a great summer!

Cara Michelle DeCoste, IEEE, University of NC – Charlotte
Jami Summey-Rice, AICHE, University of Houston
Kathleen Wu, AICHE, Yale University
Paige Balcom, ASME, University of New Hampshire
Suzanna Hinkle, ANS, University of Pittsburgh
Jill Schoborg, AICHE, Iowa State University
Garrett Dowd, ASME, University of Akron
Derek Burling, ASTM, University of Wisconsin – Madison
Brian Andersen, ANS, Idaho State University
Devin Cornell, IEEE, Missouri University of S&T
Noah Rauschkolb, ASHRAE, Columbia University
David MacPherson, ASME, Georgia Institute of Technology
Nikhil Garg, IEEE, University of Texas - Austin
Vernard Wilson, SAE, Wayne State University


And thank you to Dr. Ken Lutz for serving as the faculty member in residence and giving engineering students another great summer of public policymaking!


Please find their excellent work in the Journal of Engineering
and Public Policy (Volume 19, September 2015)



WISE Alumni Now Linked In
Thanks to 2000 WISE Alumni Jon Horek, who established a  community to help WISE program alumni stay in touch.

WISE Video on IEEEtv
IEEEtv prepared a five minute video, featuring the 2008 participants of the WISE program. The video offers a program overview and feedback from Interns on the WISE experience.

Calling All WISE Alumni!

We need your input to help WISE develop proposals for new sponsors and funding sources.  Tell us how the WISE experience affected your career, what you learned from WISE and how you have used that knowledge and experience in your work, in your professional activities, and in your personal life.  Use the Alumni update report form or send your email directly to Chris BrantleyTestimonials are especially welcome and will be posted at the WISE website to help attract and inspire future WISE applicants.

WISE Alumni Hail from 147 Colleges and Universities

The more than 400 alumni of the WISE program come from a wide variety of colleges and universities -- from national engineering universities like M.I.T. and Stanford to smaller schools such as Cedarville College, Calvin College and the Tuskegee Institute.  The wide distribution of students reflects the diversity of the program, one of the things that makes WISE a unique experience.

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